Agaya is a company based in Sri Lanka that provides Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) Services, Software and Data Capture Solutions, IT Project Management and Consultancy Services.

With experience on multiple BPO/KPO projects for overseas clients, we have built up a professional team, our own quality and productivity improvement tools and a process leveraging the best of breed technologies in the market, to provide the best possible quality and value to our clients. With our commitment to safeguard the confidentiality and security of your data, and our guarantee of quality and reliability, you can outsource specific tasks or entire processes to us, with confidence and trust.

Our team possesses over a decade of experience in providing wide range of Data Capture Solutions, using trusted software products and matured processes. With the team’s wealth of experience in application development and project management, we offer you complete solutions that are customized to suit your requirements 

News Crowd Funding on Indiegogo -Tuesday, January 19, 2016
We have launched our First Crowd Funding Campaign on Indiegogo to Speed up the Role out of the Financial Information Portal. We would greatly appreciated if you could Share this Campaign with your Family, Friends, Colleagues and extended networks to help us achieve the Campaign Funding Goal.

Please visit our Campaign Page at and pick your benefits. Whatever support you can provide towards the campaign is greatly appreciated.
Happy New Year 2016 -Sunday, January 3, 2016
We wish everyone a Happy New Year, May 2016 bring you Happiness and Prosperity. සෑමදෙනාටම සුභ නව වසරක් ප්‍රාර්ථනා කරන අතර, 2016 වන වසර ඔබට සතුට හා සමෘද්ධිය ගෙන ඒමට ප්‍රාර්ථනා කරමු. நாம் ஒரு புத்தாண்டு அனைவரும் விரும்பும் மே 2016 நீங்கள் மகிழ்ச்சி மற்றும் வளர்ச்சி கொண்டு.
Congratulations! To the five lucky winners, for winning the ABBYY FineReader 12 Professional Edition License Certificates from Agaya Holdings (Private) Limited from the competition run by ‪#‎infotel2015‬ on TNL Radio